For directions by taxi

Please print out the Thai directions page and give it to the Taxi driver.
Click here for the Thai directions.


If you are feeling adventurous, you could also try saying:

If you are a man say -->  "Bpai Lan Ahan Huen Huay Keaw khrap"
If you are a woman say --> "Bpai Lan Ahan Huen Huay Keaw kha"

Driving directions to Huen Huay Keaw, Chiangmai

Drive West on Huey Kaew street towards the mountain, just like if you where going to doi Suthep. Chiang Mai University and the Zoo will be on your left. After the Zoo, the road turns right and go uphill.  About 500 Meters after the zoo, you turn left at the golden monument before going up the mountain. 100m, Turn left again down the small street. You will see a sign for Huen Huay Kaew Restaurant. There is a parking at the entrance to the restaurant.

Turn left in front of golden monument
Restaurant parking
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