Thai traditional cuisine at its best.

"What Delicious Food"

 Award Winning Traditional Northern Thai cuisine combined with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere ensures that your meal will be superb and your experience is not one you will soon forget.

Traditional spicy Northern Thai sausage

Special dishes of north and central Thailand

          - Northern Thai spicy soup with fish.

          - Roasted Duck in red sauce

          - Spicy Northern Thai dipping sauce with salted fish

          - Spicy Northern Thai fish sausage

          - Fried cakes made from salted eggs

          - More special dishes

The restaurant is located in Chiang Mai. The menu includes 2 types of food: traditional northern and central Thai food. Every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients. Each dish is prepared with love and comes from our hearts.

Fried cakes Stuffed with salted eggs
Traditional Northern Thai spicy soup with shrimp
Spicy Northern Thai Dipping sauce with grilled fish
Created by Bogie and C.Goinaldo